Family Investment Center - The New Look of Investment Management

Investing, like football, is all about the goal. What's yours?

The right investments will help you achieve your goal, especially if they're offered from an honest, unbiased team who isn't working for commission. That's the philosophy that sets Family Investment Center apart.

Family Investment Center - Service That Really is Different

Family Investment Center offers service that really is different.

Dan Danford, Founder and CEO of Family Investment Center, is an NFL Players Association Registered Financial Advisor, one of only a small percentage of professional advisors across the nation to complete this criteria.

  • Commission-free: We’re commission-free, so we don’t sell any products, represent any outside companies or accept commissions. Instead we represent our clients, matching productive investments to their circumstances and goals. We value expertise and experience above sales ability.
  • NFL PA Registered Financial Advisor: Dan Danford completed the criteria to become one of the nation’s group of financial advisors who are listed in the NFL Players Association directory. This is the only group NFL players and their agents select from when making choices about their own investments.
  • Credibility: Dan Danford and the Family Investment Center team are quoted in financial articles from media sources like the “Wall Street Journal”, “ABC News,” “The New York Times” and “Medical Economics”. He is also a member of The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), the country’s leading professional association of fee-only financial advisors.


Our expert team is focused on helping you meet your goals through financial communication and education. Since we don’t work for commission, we can offer you the best of our wisdom and experience and help you with portfolio design and asset management in simple, straightforward ways.


Most investment professionals work as sellers, representing specific investment firms or products. Things are different at Family Investment Center.  Our fee-only platform means you get expertise and experience above sales ability.


From portfolio construction, implementation and evaluation, we’re fully committed to your financial success. You can call us any time to talk and share ideas. We consider you as part of our investment family rather than as just a client.


Investing your financial resources with Family Investment Center doesn’t feel far away or out-of-touch. We’re there for you as your goals and dreams unfold, making the tough financial decisions together as a team.


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“A good adviser will create additional performance, not by being smarter or by ‘figuring out’ the market but by suggesting newer products, lower fees, or ideas beyond your personal experience. The adviser may broaden your portfolio in ways you've never even considered. Over reasonable time horizons, added expertise adds performance.”

- Dan Danford, Founder and CEO of Family Investment Center
(Medical Economics Magazine 2009)